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Monday, January 24, 2022

26 January 2022 celebration in gujarat primary schools

 26 January 2022 celebration in schools

The District Project Coordinator, District Primary Education Officer and all the primary schools have been instructed to organize a Parents' Convention on the occasion of 26th January 2020 Republic Day.

 All the primary schools and ashram schools of the state are planning to organize a parents 'convention on 26th January 2022 in KGBV as well as in the parents' convention the daughter's salute to the country to celebrate the name program.

 Key to discussing parental convention

 Discussion of different activities of whole education Consideration on school education and thinking school hygiene toilet Although it is a discussion about clean water to me Children's admission Regularity Discussion on quality of education Special training program for children aged 5 to 6 to 18 years  Planning and Consideration for Girls' Secondary Education Transport and Escort Facilities Its Proper Planning Gyankunj Project Full of Excellence Program Discussion Cultural Activities Consideration of Sports Programs Consideration for Use of Tree Planting Water Conservancy Green School Computer Lab etc.  Parents of other children who are the elder protagonists of the area, persons like role models of the village

 Main discussion of school activities

 In the second session of the parents' convention, all the ashram schools will have to celebrate the daughter's salute country or name program on the occasion of Republic Day.  The daughter and parents living in the village were called by the school management committee of the village at the school level on January 2020, to be seated in the first row to honor and give them a memento and to make the most educated daughter of the village the chief guest.

 Discussion on how the facility school is in the parent conference as well as the grant

 The cost of the parents' convention and the program on January 26 is Rs. 200 out of which Rs.  It is said to be processed in the same way as it is deposited from FMS

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 The Betty Bachao Betty Padhao flagship program of the Ministry of Education, Government of India is said to be well planned to moisturize and promote girls' education.  Coordinator Girls Education will have to work in coordination. In addition, the Assistant District Coordinator Girls Education has been asked to send the information as per the application form to the email id.

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