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Sunday, January 16, 2022

Whats app based sva mulyankan test for std 3 to 10

 The Gujarat Council of Educational Research and Training provides students with different types of online education through various technologies through the Department of Education through various technologies so that students can take education at home even though schools are closed during the global epidemic.

 Home Learning Video on DD Girnar Channel has also been started by the Education Department of Gujarat so that students can complete their entire course at home from Std. 3 to 10

 Students are evaluated by whatsapp self-assessment by the education department of Gujarat for answering the questions and preparing for the exam.  WhatsApp can give test of different subject

Whatsapp test benefits for students of standard 3 to 10

 Students can easily test the knowledge they have acquired

 One can check for oneself how much one has learned by answering the optional questions from the self-run course.

 Whatsapp self-assessment test is very useful for exam preparation as it is syllabus based.

 The self-assessment test quickly prepares the answers to a sentence and the answers to the questions in one word.

 Give self-assessment whatsapp test is very easy and students can take test and evaluate at their own convenience

 The remedial work can be done by the student as the result is obtained immediately through Whatsapp assessment test

 Through self-assessment whatsapp stats the student can easily prepare for the exam and get good marks

 Whatsapp Self-Assessment Test After the student has taken the test, the subject matter of the answers to the questions that are wrong is immediately given a video by the education department which is related to the wrong questions so that the answers to the wrong questions can be seen and prepared immediately.  The same assessment is done

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Start whatsapp test CLICK HERE

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