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Monday, February 28, 2022

School manegment committee conference

 NIPUN BHARAT The right to basic literacy and numeracy education is at the forefront of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan. District Education Officer, Office of the District Education Officer  Gujarat School Education Council State Project Director's Office, Samagra Shiksha, Sector-12, Gandhinagar.  - 2013 Phone.02-915, Fax: 07-2206 Email: - Toll Free No.1800-233-7965

.  Per, District Project Co.  Coordinator and District Primary Education Officer, District Project Office, Total Education District: All Date: 09.203, Subject: Planning of Teleconference as per SMC, SMDC training.  Regarding the above subject, it is planned to provide guidance to the members of School Management Committee (SMC) and School Management and Development Committee (SMDC) on the following issues in the third day teleconference from state level through BYSEG on 08/09/207.

  Performed from 12:00 to 01:00 in the afternoon.  From, ed.  District Project Co.  Coordinator and Govt. Officer, Nagar Primary Committee, Samagra Shiksha, Mahanagarpalika: Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Surat, Vadodara Samagra Shiksha - Social Audit Nomination and stabilization as well as responsibility of members of SMC, SMDC for quality education in all primary and secondary schools  

To arrange for teleconference broadcast to be watched and to instruct all concerned to fully comply with the Corona epidemic guideline when attending teleconferences and training by SMC / SMDC members and all school staff.  According to SMC / SMDC in this teleconference (out of the grant allotted as per the letter of the office here: SSA / Comm. Mobi.  Costs

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Friday, February 25, 2022

Mission smile yojana for children

 Mission smile yojana for children

Right to Education Jarnashia Abhiyan said that from this village Gujarat School Education Council State Project Director's Office, Samagra Shiksha, Sector-12, Gandhinagar, PIN-2018, Phone, 07-217 Email: Toll Free Na.  1800-233-7965 wok wel Jayashree Devangan, IAS AD.  State Project Director Aam Shiksha, Gujarat, Number: Samagra Shiksha ASPD / 309 ~ ૭૨૨૩ dated 6.05.203, District Education Officer / Dvikar), District Project Coordinator and District Education Officer's Office, District Primary Education Officer, Dist.  All Dist.  All === Subject: Free Surgery on Children's Cut Lips and Cut Palate (Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate and other facial deformitles).  

According to the above subject, free surgery is performed on the cleft lip and cleft palate and other facial deformities of children under 'Mission Smile' by Vadodara Central, Sarabhai Campus, Vadodara, behind Isha Hospital, Atlantis.  For this, a camp has been organized for free pediatric surgery at the above hospital from 15th March 209 to 15th March 206 this year.  

So the list of children studying in the schools of your district who have left lip or cleft palate surgery or need more corrective surgery even after having this type of operation before is obtained by the school teachers from the head teachers.  All BRCs to be sent to this hospital by the co-ordinator.  / C.R.C.  Sp, educators and teachers of IEDSS are also requested to make necessary arrangements through them and disseminate through social media (WhatsApp etc.) to inform all the needy children and parents about this matter.

For more information contact Dr. at Isha Hospital.  Please contact Varun Ramchandra (Mo. 2060, email  J an Z [+3) Ter (Jayshree Dewangan) Complimentary information to send copy: 1. Hon.  State Project Director, Head Office [11] 5} NCERT Copy sent: 1. Deputy Director, R.M.S.A.  , Total Education, Head Office 2. District IED  Co-ordinator, all ... to do all the planning on the above matter as well as all the sp.  Good to associate educators and teachers of IEDSS and 555 swamina seva apo

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Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Reading speed investigation by FI

 Regarding the research speed and comprehension based research by District Education and Training Bhavan, it has been stated that in all the districts of the state, major research is to be carried out in Std. 2 to 8 under research speed reading.  According to the wise selected district standard schools, a list of total 20 schools of the district has been sent. Different color highlights are sent to the selected schools for the schools

.  According to the day, the investigator has to conduct the survey in the same standard for five days in 5 schools and to make necessary arrangements for the maximum number of students of the pre-selected standard of schools to be present and also to inform in advance about the standard selected according to the survey in the school.  

Schools with more than two registered numbers in the selected standard are selected if in the list of schools you have sent, if any school had less number of registered as well as schools  If there is no Gujarati medium and there is no selected standard, choose the school closest to that school or both the schools in which the poison category of one category wise category should not be taken into consideration

.  The school needs to check the attendance number of the student by phone and to conduct a survey in the school or to inform the investigation and report the good change to the district court matter and immediately and after the completion of the survey work by the district board to inform the office here to conduct this survey.  District date 14 Choose the investigation. For this, act as a star between the diets as long as possible. Living there can be seen as a gfi.  

The number of students in the district is to be counted and the required number of devices and guidelines are to be xeroxed as per the rules.  Expenditure from Rs. 15000 / - for immediate work related to data connection and data entry. Grants will be allotted for the remaining work under research.

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Monday, February 21, 2022

Gujarat gov and education department will declare English subject in std 1

 English subject in std 1

In  schools English is taught to children in Std. 1 to 8 and for this to be introduced later, several meetings and discussions were held every four to five months by the education department in which it was decided that Std. 1 from next new academic session year 2022.  

An English subject textbook is introduced in which the textbook is not used but only and gender is considered to be introduced today.  According to experts, the government will soon have to take a decision in this regard.  It is a false reality that students of Gujarat lag far behind in competitive examinations due to English subject.  Injustice is taking place. 

Many parents are trying their best to get their children enrolled in private schools so that their children do not get English education.  Consideration has been given to introduce one in which skin and laser will be applied for Std. 1 and 2 while text books of Std. 3 have been written.  Students learn Gujarati language easily. This decision of the Union Government will benefit the poor and middle class students of the state.

Benefits of teaching English to children from standard 1

 If children know the English alphabet from the beginning, they will know English words quickly

 More focus can be placed on identifying English words and with them the writing of children's hand curves

 By introducing English subject in standard one and focusing on speaking, the child's vocabulary increases which increases the use of English words in the classroom subject to the child's situation as the English vocabulary increases.

 In standard one, a child who introduces a listening and narrative English subject can also sing English songs and memorize them accordingly.

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Sunday, February 20, 2022

Pravasi teacher recruitment ||2021 22||all notification & Forms ,norms,

 Pravasi teachers Recruitment 2022 Gujarat

1. Recruitment of traveling teachers in vacant primary schools. As per 31/08/2021, the number of teachers is not increasing as per the setup

.  2. At the tertiary level, the headmaster of the school has to be trained by a senior teacher and by the school management committee to recruit a circular traveling teacher.  

3. In districts / non-district schools where there is presently one teacher, another teacher is eligible to be met, or in some cases, preference will be given in the selection of different schools for the traveling teacher.  

4. In higher primary schools, primary school teachers are being given priority.  

5. Candidates with qualifications are being recruited for Std-1 to 5 and Std-6 to 8 vacancies.  

6. According to Axis-1 to 3, in some of the schools in the district, the major traveling teachers have been assigned.  This waste is to be collected from the district level in the form of hard copy and soft copy.  The District Education Officer / District Primary Education Officer / Education Officer will have to submit the accompanying grant application form and certificate along with the list

.  7. No leave is allowed for traveling teacher activities.  

8. The Shiyashami teacher / Vagan Kshalnak work is handled by the traveling teacher.  In addition to the teacher / class academic work, other head work is being done by the head teacher.

  9. Considering the number of students in Std. 1 to 5, if the number is more than 60 students, at most only one traveling teacher should be appointed. 

 10. In the case of unskilled primary school teachers, there is a shortage of teachers.

  11. Do these traveling teachers do a good job in a school with a teacher?  The District Education Officer / District Primary Education Officer / Administrative Officer will have to make arrangements from the level to ensure that proper arrangements are made for conducting the verification and non-requisite operation / payment.

  12. No written order is being issued for assigning work to a traveling teacher.

13. As per the conditions of the resolution dated 20/12/2021 of the Department of Education, there is no tass system, there is no maximum daily honorarium of Rs.  Will have to pay. 

 14. The traveling teacher will have to work for as many days as the educational work of the children is going on in the primary schools and he will have to pay the salary for the working days.

  15. The amount of monthly salary to be paid to the traveling teachers should be allotted from the district level and from the school level which should be paid to that teacher only through RTGS and its details should be submitted to this office by the concerned district officer.  

16. In addition to the above conditions, the provisions and conditions of the Resolution dated 21/12/2015 and 20/12/2021 of the Education Department and other resolutions from time to time shall be complied with.

  17. As per the rules under this scheme, the concerned officer should be vigilant about the appointment of traveling teachers and payment of honorarium.  Also, if any administrative or legal question arises in the future due to omission in it, the entire responsibility will be on the concerned officer.  Note: As per the order of the Director, enclosure: - Annexure-1 to 3, Certificate and Grant Request Form.  Copy courtesy: Personal Secretary, Hon'ble Minister of Education, Swarnim Sankul-1, Secretariat, Gandhinagar - Personal Secretary, Hon'ble Minister of Education (R.K.) Swarnim Sankul-2, Secretariat, Gandhinagar - Secretary, Pvt.  Education, Department of Education, Secretariat, Gandhinagar.  (M. K. Raval) Joint Director of Education G.R. Gandhinagar Copy sent: · Deputy Director of Education, Planning Branch, Head Office.

Certificate Certificate is issued for the total number of ...  In the department (Std-1 to 5) and in the upper primary section (Std-6 to 8) traveling teachers together a total of ....... traveling teachers have been appointed.  I have checked it myself and it is known exactly.  Also, the number of teachers does not exceed the approved setup of 31/08/2021.  It is confirmed.  District: Type of School Std-1 to 5 Std-6 to 8 Total Grant Request Form Approved Tourist Teachers Name Signed District Education Officer / District Primary Education Officer / Govt.  Education Officer / District Primary Education Officer / Govt. District:

Pravasi teacher application form pdf click here

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School achievement programme||

 Agenda for School Achievement "State Online Capacity Building Program - Gujarat" 

February 22, 2022 14.00-14.10 Welcome to the introductory session and introduction of the program: Prof.  Pranati Panda, Professor and Head, School Department and Non-Formal Education and School Standards and e.  , NIEPA, New Delhi Starting Address: Shri Prakash Trivedi, Secretary, All Education Gandhinagar, Govt.  Of Gujarat.  Accreditation for school standards, performance appraisal, quality improvement 14.10-14.40 Speaker Pro.  Pranati Panda, Professor and Head, Department of School and Non-Formal Education and School Standards and Evaluation Unit, NIEPA. 

 New Delhi's Approach to School Performance Evaluation: School Self-Evaluation 14.40-15.40 and External Evaluation Speaker Prof.  Rasmita Das Swain, Professor, Department of School and Non-Formal Education and School Standards and Evaluation Unit, NIEPA, New Delhi.  Mr.  Reddy, Assistant Professor, Department of Schools and Non-Formal Education and School Standards and Evaluation Unit, NIEPA, New Delhi 15.40-16.10 Evidence Based School Improvement and System Support Speakers Pro. 

 Rasmita Das Swain, Professor, Department of Schools and Non-F.  Education and school standards and evaluation unit.  NIEPA.  New Delhi Shri A.N.  Reddy, Assistant Professor, Department of School and Non-Formal Education and School Standards and Evaluation Unit.  NIEPA, New Delhi 16.10-16.55 Question Answer Session Participants and School Achievement Team 16.55-17.00 Thank you Prof.  Rasmita Das Sven, Professor, Department of School and Non-Formal Education and School Standards and Evaluation Unit,

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School standards and evaluation 

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