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Monday, February 21, 2022

Gujarat gov and education department will declare English subject in std 1

 English subject in std 1

In  schools English is taught to children in Std. 1 to 8 and for this to be introduced later, several meetings and discussions were held every four to five months by the education department in which it was decided that Std. 1 from next new academic session year 2022.  

An English subject textbook is introduced in which the textbook is not used but only and gender is considered to be introduced today.  According to experts, the government will soon have to take a decision in this regard.  It is a false reality that students of Gujarat lag far behind in competitive examinations due to English subject.  Injustice is taking place. 

Many parents are trying their best to get their children enrolled in private schools so that their children do not get English education.  Consideration has been given to introduce one in which skin and laser will be applied for Std. 1 and 2 while text books of Std. 3 have been written.  Students learn Gujarati language easily. This decision of the Union Government will benefit the poor and middle class students of the state.

Benefits of teaching English to children from standard 1

 If children know the English alphabet from the beginning, they will know English words quickly

 More focus can be placed on identifying English words and with them the writing of children's hand curves

 By introducing English subject in standard one and focusing on speaking, the child's vocabulary increases which increases the use of English words in the classroom subject to the child's situation as the English vocabulary increases.

 In standard one, a child who introduces a listening and narrative English subject can also sing English songs and memorize them accordingly.

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