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Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Reading speed investigation by FI

 Regarding the research speed and comprehension based research by District Education and Training Bhavan, it has been stated that in all the districts of the state, major research is to be carried out in Std. 2 to 8 under research speed reading.  According to the wise selected district standard schools, a list of total 20 schools of the district has been sent. Different color highlights are sent to the selected schools for the schools

.  According to the day, the investigator has to conduct the survey in the same standard for five days in 5 schools and to make necessary arrangements for the maximum number of students of the pre-selected standard of schools to be present and also to inform in advance about the standard selected according to the survey in the school.  

Schools with more than two registered numbers in the selected standard are selected if in the list of schools you have sent, if any school had less number of registered as well as schools  If there is no Gujarati medium and there is no selected standard, choose the school closest to that school or both the schools in which the poison category of one category wise category should not be taken into consideration

.  The school needs to check the attendance number of the student by phone and to conduct a survey in the school or to inform the investigation and report the good change to the district court matter and immediately and after the completion of the survey work by the district board to inform the office here to conduct this survey.  District date 14 Choose the investigation. For this, act as a star between the diets as long as possible. Living there can be seen as a gfi.  

The number of students in the district is to be counted and the required number of devices and guidelines are to be xeroxed as per the rules.  Expenditure from Rs. 15000 / - for immediate work related to data connection and data entry. Grants will be allotted for the remaining work under research.

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