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Thursday, March 3, 2022



According to the new menu of PM Poshan Yojana, about serving food and examination of wheat, rice and pulses.  The issue of her sister's idol is also to be made public on the public board of the school. In the near future, the state government is going to take a decision to start lunch in the primary schools of Std. 1 to 8.

  Necessary instructions also issued by the table meeting of the Deputy Collector on 2022. In order to provide immediate lunch to the schools, it is very necessary that a one-month permit be issued by the Mamlatdar for the Basket of Sleep for the grain, wheat, rice, cottonseed oil, desi people.  Delays can be avoided in schools under PM Nutrition Scheme.  

All the districts have been informed about the details which have been issued by the Gujarat State Civil Supplies Corporation following the tender process.  I have been asked to give necessary instructions to Mr. O and to keep an eye on you as soon as possible for Deputy Collector Mid-day Meal Scheme.

Reading: (1) Resolution of the same number of the education department dated 30/06/2017 ”(2) Resolution of the same number of the education department dated 19/06/2017.  (3) Resolution of the Education Department to form a Stakeholders Committee of the same number dated 11/10/2017. (2) Commissioner, dt.  Letter No. 17/01/2050 No. Fear / Execution-2 / Dishes Menu / 2030 / 5th and 4th Resolution of the Department of Education (1) against the resolution dated 30/06/2017 to maintain the uniformity of effective implementation of the mid-day meal scheme in the state.  For a uniform weekly menu.  

Subsequently, the menu with partial change was decided by the resolution dated 17/06/2017 against the reference (2) of the department.  Considering the difficulties faced by the administrators in preparing the meal according to this menu in the mid-day meal scheme as well as in determining the menu according to the regional geographical situation, its recommendations were obtained by forming a Stakeholders Committee against the reference (2) of the department dated 09/10/2018.  In view of the recommendations received, a proposal was made to change the menu in the weekly menu prescribed by the resolutions of

 (1) and (2) with reference to the Commissioner, a letter against the reference (3) of the mid-day meal scheme, which after careful consideration  The menu is fixed as follows.  d: / 2018 / tharav 2018 Secretariat, Gandhinagar Ta.  6/02/2030 

Day First Meal Monday (1) Vegetable Mash or (2) Salty Rice with Vegetables Tuesday (1) Fada Lapsi and Vegetables, or (3) Muthiya and Vegetables Vegetable Pulav Dal - Dhokli Wednesday Thursday 6 Friday Dal - Rice  Saturday Vegetable Risotto Breakfast 5.  Scanned by CamScanner Sukhadi pulses (black mug / green mug, chickpeas or available beans) Mix dal / available pulses / boiled pulses (black mugs / green mugs, chickpeas or available beans) Muthiya pulses (black mugs green mugs, chickpeas  Available pulses

) Note: - Sprouted available pulses can be provided wherever the use of pulses is indicated.  89 (JM Misan) Deputy Secretary Education Department (2) All other conditions of the original resolution of the same number dated 30/06/2018 mentioned in reference (1) remain the same.  (2) These orders are issued on the file of the same number of this department on the file submitted to the Government on the date 04/02/2050 and with the subsequent note obtained with permission.  By order of the Governor of Gujarat and in his name, ASR;

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