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Tuesday, March 22, 2022

=Milage baththa rate improve for presidency workers category one to four

 =Milage baththa rate improve for presidency workers category one to four

In view of the rise in petrol-diesel and CNG costs, the govt was already considering redaction the rates for varied styles of mileage altogether the prevailing states.  A government village could be a journey of one's own college or in a very borrowed vehicle

 For initial or second category government workers

 Motor automobile auto etc. In gasoline version Rs. eleven per kilometre motor automobile etc. Diesel Rs. ten per kilometre motor automobile etc. If CNG is Rs. six per kilometre if motor bike is Rs.

 One and a [*fr1] rupees per metric linear unit for scooter or bike for third or fourth category government workers and 2 and a [*fr1] rupees per metric linear unit for different styles of vehicles

 to forestall full mileage from increasing at such a set rate, governance furthermore because the head of the department having the pay scale of joint secretary and joint secretary, if the entire state has jurisdiction, they will use their own closely-held or borrowed or village automobile for duty travel. workers square measure entitled to receive over the limit of the accessible class of railways of the road to that the officer-employee is entitled if he travels on duty between the places connected to the railways by his own vehicle or by the vehicle of Uthi metal Pada. just in case of travel thanks to receiver, for the particular kilometers traveled by road, the railway fare as per the prescribed mileage against the metric linear unit prescribed within the railway book, or the particular mileage for the vehicle used as per the prescribed faith.  All you've got to try to to is raise

 Gandhinagar Narmada Navsari Porbandar Dang District Collector District Development Officer the present monthly limit for taking allowance has been inflated from 5600 to 6600.

 aside from the districts mentioned on top of, my current limit for taking additional travel for District Collectors and District Development Officers has been inflated from 7500 to 8500.

 Rate of mileage allowance throughout on-duty travel

 jaunt and from the aerodrome station bus depot, the place of residence or residence at the headquarters.

 On arrival at the destination, from the train depot, airport, bus depot to the place of keep or on the place of duty.

condition of "Once day after day for travel in Old Delhi and Mumbai" shall not be applicable.  Rates of Mileage Allowance for travel indicated in (a) to (d): Order Mileage Allowance Rate type of Vehicle by that the journey is formed (Own / Rental / Borrowed) a whole Taxi / automobile ricksha as per rates fixed by the State Governments from time to time.  11-00 per km b own automotive / automobile (petrol) c own automotive / automobile (diesel) Rs. 10-00 per km d own automotive (CNG) Rs.  Horse / tricycle Foot ricksha Rs. 5-00 per km Six Scooter / bike ricksha (two wheeled vehicles) Rs. 5-30 per km exclusively whereas taxi / autorickshaw and  Travel of different sorts of vehicles is shared by quite one government employee or a government employee takes a seat in a {very} very taxi / autorickshaw.  Rakhya square measure about to be met to keep with the actual share.  સરકારી Government employees will not be required to urge previous approval of Heads of state Departments to avail the on high of mileage allowance.  . 

 Rental rates for personal use of state vehicles by a political candidate / employee: eight automobile / automobile (petrol) Rs.  12-00 per km  B automobile / automobile mortal (Diesel) Rs.  10-00 per km g automobile (CNG) Rs.  5-00 per km 

For download GR CLICK HERE

 The investment rates for a government vehicle used for private use square measure about to be as follows.  (1) per hour or [*fr1] thence.  5-00 (2) for sometime (12 hours or more)  80-00 Government vehicles, in spite of the request of a government employee, is formed spare for private use providing the vehicle is not required for state functions.  .  Rate of mileage allowance for transport of motor automotive / scooter / bike etc. by road at the time of change: Sr. type of vehicle Mileage allowance rate 5 automobile / automobile (Petrol) B automobile / automobile (Diesel) c automobile (CNG) = Rs.  10-00 per km  Rs.  5-00 per km  Rs.  5-00 per km  : 3

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