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Saturday, March 19, 2022


To organize the cooKing Competition of Administrator Rasoya Maddani under PM Poshan Madhyahan Bhojan Yojana from all District Collectorate.

  To be organized on 2022 PM Nutrition Scheme to inform and encourage those who are involved in the work of preparing school level kitchen honorarium to participate in this competition and in taluka level competition the first winner will get Rs.  The banner of PM nutrition is to be given in a simple ceremony by the Chief Officer of the taluka and the first winner and district level competition is to be organized in the talukas by giving Rs.10000 to the first winner and Rs.5000 to the second winner and Rs.3000 to the third winner.

  Nutrition book and district number one to be declared as the best PM nutrition  In order for the booking competition to be well organized, they have to be informed by selecting the venue for the taluka district level and the decision team has to be formed in the morning.

    Rules of Booking Competition Scheme at Taluka Level.

 At the taluka level competition should be held during the time when the school function is not affected at any one school level designated by Mamlatdar Shri.  Will have to make a dish from

 The first level contestant at the taluka level has to be sent to participate in the district level competition. The district level has to inform the state level. Details of the planning of the program.

 The Mamlatdar for the taluka will have to form a decision committee consisting of people like cdpo and icds supervisor BRC CRC and school headmaster. Approximately five to seven judges will be appointed for the above selection.  The dish should be prepared from gram ingredients in which the amount of spices should be as per the rules under the mid-day meal scheme.

 The opinion of the students studying in the school as well as the parents of the students should be sent along with the opinion of the students when the new good dish is presented.

 Each taluka seat has to be created. The format for the taluka is included in the email. The first winner for the taluka will get Rs.

  .  Each taluka will have to make banners.  (Banner format for taluka is included in e-mail).  • For the taluka the first winner will have to distribute a prize of Rs.5000 / -, the second - Rs.5000 / - and the third - Rs.2000 / -.  

Planning will have to be done according to the distribution of prizes by the Chief Officer of the taluka.  Rules for conducting c / Cooking Competition District level rules:.  Only administrators cum cook / cook cum helper / helper appointed under the mid-day meal scheme who have come first in the taluka level competition will be able to participate in this program.  

 The selection of any one place / school designated by the Collector / Deputy Collector at the district level will have to be organized by organizing the time so that it does not affect the government work.  The cooking has to be planned in such a way that it is completed in maximum 1 hour and the necessary infrastructure has to be provided.  The dish can be made from the quantity provided in the mid-day meal plan.  

.  At the district level, the first coming contestant has to be reported at the state level.  .  A judging committee shall be constituted by the Deputy Collector (Mabhayo) for the district.  This should include CDPO, ICDS / or ICDS Supervisor / MDM Supervisor / BRC or CRC / one school head teacher and two parents.  Approximately 3 to 4 judges will have to be appointed from the above selection in the jury.  . 

 From the ingredients used in the menu prescribed under the mid-day meal scheme, a dish has to be prepared from 200 gms of ingredients in which the quantity of spices has to be used as prescribed under the mid-day meal scheme.  Total weight should not exceed 1 kg.  .  The opinion of the student studying in the school as well as the parents of the student should be obtained when the new good dish is presented and the opinion of the suggested good recipe should be sent along with the suggestion in the menu.  

For detail paripatr Click here

.  From the MME grant to be allotted from here, the district level prize distribution as well as the planning of the program will have to be done.  (Planning per district - Rs. 50,000 / - and prize - Rs. 15,000 / -) Rs. 50 / - will have to be paid as transportation cost for the incoming contestant.  • Each district will have to make banners.  (Banner format for district is included in e-mail).  The first winner for the district will have to distribute a prize of Rs. 10,000 / -, the second - Rs. 5,000 / - and the third - Rs. 5,000 / -.  .  .  Arrangements will have to be made according to the distribution of prizes by the Chief Officer of the district.  (C |

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