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Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Pragna abhigam||pragna abhigam new primary education system

 Pragna abhigam

For the holistic development of the student, the teacher has been using different approaches in the classroom teaching for the school education which has never been teacher centered child-centered or textbook centered.  It has always been difficult to impart education on the basis of their ability. Academics and teachers are in search of an approach in which all the children in the class can be involved in the learning process.

 Pragya is an approach gained through group based activity in which students get enjoyable learning according to their speed ability for classroom learning through creation and use of self-made learning materials and students as well as teacher evaluate the learning gained.  Associated with

 Knowledge through activity

 Pragya is a great approach to acquiring knowledge through activity which is at the center of the objective activity in the approach. The child likes to do the activity very much. The child learns only through the activity.

 Group based education

 Approach Six groups are formed according to the place of the students. Traditional class The teacher teaches all the children of the class together. Here the teacher guides the teaching according to each group and its need. In this approach students are divided into groups.

 Teacher support group

 Partial teacher support group

 Peer learning of the peer support group

 Partial partner support group

 Self-study group

 Evaluation group

 Classroom specific work system

 Pragya classroom management is different from the general class for the management of Pragya classroom. Classroom management is an important and important aspect of the approach.  Arrange so that it can be regulated and observed on all the students in each group

 Approach The teacher will create thematic auxiliary or supplementary study teaching material in which the standard subject cards etc. will be arranged in the corner from which the student takes his card and sits in the group and learns.  As well as the ability to use

 Pragya study teaching material

 In this approach the teacher will create thematic support learning teaching material which is in the form of three subject cards without which the student can take his car and sit in that group to get education.  Gains the ability to use the same

 Classroom teaching

 Students learn at their own pace in the approach. Learning by doing this process with other students in the group. Learning is the most important aspect of learning in the approach.  So his self-confidence increases. The opportunity to work with all the children in the class develops. The group spirit develops.


 The Pragya approach will not have traditional assessment and examination system. This approach has two types of assessment in progress of a student entering within a milestone.  And further students can be assessed on whether they have achieved the required academic achievement as well as self-assessment of their work equipment and method can be achieved ability to improve

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