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Monday, March 21, 2022

RTE act 2009 hethal free and compulsory education||Free admission In private schools


 In the year 2022, RTE Act 2009 has been announced by the Government Education Department for free admission to the children belonging to weaker and disadvantaged groups in standard one.  The scheme for admission of children belonging to weaker and disadvantaged groups in I-1 is fully implemented according to which children are eligible for admission under public scheme as per priority order only when they have the following priorities when Arjun completes five years on 2022.


 Orphan child

 A child in need of care and protection

 Children of Balakrishna

 Children of child labor Migrant workers

 Children with dementia and cerebral palsy as well as children with special needs and all physically handicapped children as per the provisions of the Physically Handicapped and Handicapped Act.

 Children receiving antiviral therapy

 A parent who has only one child is a daughter who has only one daughter

 Children studying in state government owned Anganwadi

 All categories with zero to 20 5 such as Scheduled Caste tribal obc general and other family children

 Keep all categories from zero to 20

 Socially and Educationally Backward Classes Other Backward Classes Nomadic and Liberated Caste Children as well as Thinking and Liberated Caste Children should be given first priority in admission.

 General category non-reserved class children

 The income limit of Rs. 120,000 per annum for rural children and Rs.

Admission proofs preparation for parents

 Admission form can be filled on the official website of the child's guardian for admission on 30th March 2020 or 11th April 2020.  The required period between the date of admission announcement and the date of online application is also given so that one can collect the Aadhaar proof and apply online within the time limit.  Etc. You have to upload online, you have to keep the online form, you don't have to submit the online form


Date of publication of advertisement in the newspaper for the admission of academic year 2022 Date 21 3 2022

 Deadline to be submitted to parents for collecting the required documents for filling up the online form Date 21 3 2022 Date 29 3 2022

 Deadline for filling up the online form is March 30, 2022 to April 11, 2022

 District level online form verification app rejection period 30th March 2022 to 16th April 2022

 Period for recovery of applicants for uploading missing documents in other online applications only 17 April 2022 to 19 4 2022

For apply online website CLICK HERE

 Date of announcing the first round of admission process is 26 April 2022

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