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Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Vahan aksmat sahay yojana||gov scheme

Vahan aksmat sahay yojana||gov scheme 

Accident happens to one person in the house by the Gujarat Government Health and Family Welfare Department but it is the turn of the whole family to suffer the consequences and even then if the responsible person of the house dies in the accident the whole family becomes mentally and financially destitute.  The number of accidents is on the rise due to the disappearance.

 According to state experts, if the video is admitted to the hospital within the first hour, the death rate in case of an accident can be reduced in the first hour immediately after the accident.  If no treatment is available and immediate treatment is not given after the accident, the risk of death in most of the accidents increases.  And the issue of providing health care was under consideration by the government

 So that the person who has been the victim of an accident in the state of Gujarat, regardless of his financial status or nationality, should be given the benefit of this scheme irrespective of it and emergency treatment should be provided in all government and private hospitals of the state during the first 8 hours of a major vehicle accident.  Therefore Rs. 300000 / - is therefore subject to certain conditions and administrative as well as financial sanction

 Specific rules of the scheme

 Beneficiaries will be eligible to avail the benefits of this scheme to all the injured persons who have been the victims of vehicle accidents within the limits of the State of Gujarat irrespective of their financial status, state or nationality.

 JJ Hospital will have to obtain a certificate from the injured person or the relatives of the injured as they wish to avail the benefits of this scheme and submit it in full.

 Free treatment of Rs. 50,000 in the first 3 hours of an accident to a person who is the victim of a vehicle accident, ie all the injured will be immediately available for treatment.  will be done

 If any vehicle accident occurs anywhere in the State of Gujarat and all persons regardless of income limit are managed by all government hospital trusts as well as by private hospitals residing in Gujarat or resident of the state or all persons belonging to other nations within the limit of Rs. 30,000 per person.  Treatment will be free at the hospital

 Injured people will be able to get free treatment for the first 3 hours after the vehicle accident in which all the following treatments will have to be given within the limit of Rs. 30 thousand.

 B-Station Tractor Stabilizer Sun Hobby Method Second Operation In The Morning Direct Scan Ultrasound Blood Transfusion Treatment Of Head Injury Treatment Of Abdominal And Anne Injury Treatment Intimate Treatment Of All Types Of Injuries Primary And All Treatments Available In Hospitals  If so, the nearest and dance discipline center will be able to provide necessary treatment and both the cost of the treatment will be given to the hospital at the regular rate of treatment at the regular rate per person within the limit per person.  Will have to mention it in

 In any case, considering the condition of the injured in case of accident, the hospital which treats the cat refers the injured to a hospital with more facilities for further treatment.  The details of his treatment should be mentioned in the list of those who have undergone the prescribed treatment at S Hospital

 treatments and their rates are amended consequently.  Addition of extra "procedures" / treatments supported expertise and revision of rates from time to time is also exhausted consultation with the govt.. 

 (3.4) If the burned person needs to be unbroken within the hospital for quite three hours or if the price is quite one.50,000 / - in two hours then the extra value by the burned person can ought to be paid by the hospital itself. just in case of treatment for a lot of days as needed, the burned person can ought to bear the price as per the norms of the trust / personal hospital / government hospital within the hospital of his alternative. 

 (3.2) burned If he's a beneficiary of Maa Maa Maa Vatsalya Yojana or different health homeward theme of the authorities, he {may also|can also|may|may extraly |might also|may additionally} avail additional treatment under it theme.

  (3.2) The bill for the treatment of that hospital shall be submitted to the Chief District medic of the involved district / Medical Superintendent of the hospital connected to the medical faculty. the particular value of the bill to the personal hospital or Rs.  30,000 / - whichever is a smaller amount are out there inside the stipulated rate limit when verification of fairness. 

 (3.4) Hospitals and burned persons shall abide by the principles of auto accident.  The hospital can ought to report the incident to the applicable station and therefore the MLC are educated concerning it. the main points of the quantity (Medico Legal Case Number) ought to be submitted at the side of the bill.  (2.4) Injured, in government / trust / personal hospital. there'll be no charge for treatment up to Rs. 50,000 / - at the hospital.  (4, 5) The burned won't get any money help below this theme for treatment.  (6.10) The hospital won't ought to charge any cash from the burned for the prescribed limits and procedures and therefore the instrument during this regard can ought to be submitted to the Chief District medic of the district involved / Medical Superintendent of the medical faculty connected hospital.  Page four seventeen

Download GR click here

Download application form click here

 (5,11) The bill for the procedures / treatment provided to the burned person within the hospital pulse Tyre inside eight hours in ten days is connected to the Chief District medic / Medical faculty of the involved district = three eighty

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