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Saturday, April 2, 2022

Director of printing and stationary gujarat 2022 recruitment 94 post

 Director of printing and stationary gujarat 2022 recruitment 94 post

Approval obtained as per the prescribed specimen as per prescribed specimen from the candidates eligible to fill the vacancy on contract basis for a period of 11 months or as soon as the regular candidates of direct recruitment are available.  Required Certificate of Eligibility Age Caste must be present at the prescribed time and place for the places mentioned along with the original and certified copy and guarantee.

 Candidates should apply for the post of BP Operator Class-3 as well as Process Assistant Class-2 Junior Assistant Class-2 Assistant Binder 3 Assistant Machine Class-2 copy holder Class-3 Junior Process Assistant Class-2 Government Printing and Writing Materials  The official website of the Director should be viewed and the application should be made according to the prescribed form along with the required certificates.

Niyamo ane sharato

 It is desirable for a candidate to apply for any one post

 Candidates from Socially and Educationally Backward Classes should submit a certificate from the Department of Justice and Empowerment that they should not be included in the class.  If there is any change in the income of the candidate's parents while submitting the certificate along with the application as it is to be given in respect of the parents' income, then the applicant should report the increase to the competent authority issuing the certified public certificate.  The office here should also report that if the candidates hide the increase in income by not making such announcement then the city is eligible to cancel the benefit received.

 As per existing rules for reserved category candidates

 Will be eligible to stay

 For reserved seats for women, if female candidates are not available, seats may be allotted for male candidates in the same category.

 According to this announcement, during the period of agreement, candidates from number one to three will get a maximum amount of Rs.

 Not all of them will be eligible for the above fixed amount

 Job Pension Bonus LTC Encasement Deposit or any other financial benefits paid during the period of Color will not be eligible to be received from the Government.

 According to the announcement, a person under 11 months contract will have to perform the duties of a government employee if he is to perform his duties.  If the need arises, he will be asked to perform the duty accordingly.

 There was no overtime for not performing the duty beyond the stipulated duty time and no other financial amount would be eligible for receipt.

 If you have to travel more than 8 km from the headquarters as part of your duty, you will be entitled to a daily allowance of Rs.  Will happen

 Satisfactory performance during the period of the house or after giving any kind of notice the talk can be started at any time from tomorrow for which no compensation will be paid.

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 Candidates with suitable qualifications will be selected in accordance with the prescribed procedure as per the entire recruitment rules regarding filling up of vacancies for 11 months contract.

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