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Tuesday, April 26, 2022

how to find permanent jobs in switzerland

Where can I look for permanent work in Switzerland?

Where can I look for work in the Switzerland?

Expatica job openings

You'll discover a continually updated list of Swiss employment for foreigners and English speaking in various sectors around the country on Expatica's job in Switzerland page.


If you are from the EU or hence  in Europe, you can use the European Job Mobility Portal to look for work in Switzerland. This is a webpage run by the European Commission to let people move freely inside the European Economic Area. You can also publish your CV for prospective employers to see, as well as seek information on the legal and administrative concerns that come with working in Switzerland.

Services for finding work in the public sector

The Regional Employment Centres in Switzerland's various cantons will assist citizens in finding work. You can register at your local office and view available positions on their Job Area page.

Switzerland's job boards

There are several websites where you can locate general work opportunities in Switzerland, many of which promote jobs in Switzerland for foreigners and in English:


Jobwinner 24 Jobscout 24 Jobscout 24 Jobscout 24 Jobscout 24 Jobscout 24 Jobs

Seasonworker – ski job StepStone Total employment Specialist jobs in Switzerland on Monster.

Alpha is a term used to report executives.

Research and post-doctoral positions are available at Euro Science Jobs.

Robert Walters is a firm that specialises in accounting and finance.

SwissLinx is a company that specialises in executive, technological, and financial services.

Pharmaceutical IT job in Switzerland with a lot of diversity

IT and technological jobs are introduced to as techno jobs.

IT and telecomJobs – IT/software developers Darwin – IT and telecomJobs – IT/software developers Darwin – IT and telecomJobs

International positions are available.

Many international organisations have offices in Switzerland, particularly in Geneva. Visit this list of non-governmental company in Geneva and elsewhere in Switzerland to work for foreigners at the United Nations, the World Trade Organization, and the International Red Cross.

English-speaking jobs in Switzerland

Despite the fact that Switzerland has a bilingual workforce, there remains a demand for English speakers. English-speaking jobs in Switzerland are widely advertised, including on numerous of the jobs listed above, as well as on:

Vacancies in Geneva

Zurich job openings

The Community

Top Language Positions

Switzerland's recruitment agencies

It is simple to apply for any of Switzerland's numerous private jobs. In Switzerland, private employment agencies are referred to as placement. Manpower and are two of the most well-known agencies, but an internet search will reveal a plethora of others. The Swiss Yellow Pages also has a list of agencies who are licenced to function in this industry.

Job as a teacher in Switzerland

It can be difficult to find a job teaching English in the Switzerland because so many people already understand the language, but if you do, the payment is fantastic. On to-i or with the British Council, you can be look for work. Circle of the School give openings at public schools for English teachers, however you must be an EU citizen or married to one.

You might also look into Swiss international schools and universities.

jobs in Switzerland

Newspapers may declare job openings: look in the classifieds under  in the German and I in Italian.

A business newspaper is being read by a woman.

The primary newspapers featuring online job search capabilities are and, with printed job advertising appearing on a weekly basis in, Le Temp (Geneva), and Tribune. A complete list of the Swiss online newspapers may be found here.


Job opportunities in Switzerland are frequently filled through networking, therefore networking is important. Become a member of the professional networking site such as:


Geneva's American International Club

Geneva is the headquarters of the International Organization of Women in Trade.

Executives International is a global network of business leaders.

Women in the Workplace Forum

Network of Irish Entrepreneurs

Woman in Business and Profession

Professional networking events are frequently held by chambers of business in each canton; contact information for each canton can be found here. You can also use a social networking site like Meetup to connect with others in your field.

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