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Thursday, April 28, 2022

top 10 best photo and data recovery app for android

Android's top ten greatest photo and data recovery apps

1. EaseUS MobiSaver

mobisaver android file recovery without root

EaseUS MobiSaver mobisaver android file recovery without root EaseUS MobiSaver mobisaver android file recovery without root

is one of the most basic Android data recovery tools, allowing you to recover files without having to root your device. You can recover deleted images, audio, videos, contacts, messages, App backups, and conversations from your phone's internal memory and external card using this app.

Important Characteristics:

Message backups and call logs

Photos and movies on an Android SD card can be recovered.

Improve the device's scanning performance and recover data that has been lost.

2. Android App for Dumpsters

Dumpster Android data rescue

Android data recovery dumpster

If you've recently purchased a new phone, you should download this programme, which functions as a recycling bin and allows you to restore files in Android. Keep in mind that this app will only restore files that were accidentally deleted after installation.

Feature to note:

You can effortlessly backup your Android app and media files.

Recover essential files and apps that were recently erased.

There is no want for an the Internet connection.

There's no need to root your phone.

Backup your photos and movies to the threat.

3. picture restoration

The photo recovery app, as its name suggests, recovers deleted photos from your Android storage. In the event of an unintentional deletion, the software works flawlessly to recover deleted photos from both internal memory and SD cards.

Feature of Note:

It allows you to transfer your recovered files directly to cloud storage services such as Google Drive and Dropbox.

Without root, the app will search your cache and thumbnails for deleted photos in a "restricted" way.

With root, the programme will search the whole memory of your smartphone for any photographs or movies!

4. recovery of the mage

Another effective recovery application is Image Recovery, which scans your internal storage and SD card for deleted images and allows you to effortlessly recover them. This Android data recovery app searches each folder for photos taken in a given place. Look through them one by one for your photo.

Feature of Note:

Examine the internal memory as well as the SD card.

Simple and quick

There is no want to root the phone.

All picture kinds should be restored:

5. Dr.Fone

software for data recovery

is a popular software company's product. It's a well-known data recovery app for Android phones. Without rooting the phone, you can simply recover images, videos, contacts, messages, call records, and more. The software can retrieve photographs and movies from the cache, internal memory, and external storage.

Feature of Note:

Recover images and videos from the internal and external memory of your Android device.

When you remove photos and videos, move them to the Recycle Bin so you can retrieve them later.

6. data restoration

file recovery for android

Data Recovery software allows you to recover all of your Android files without requiring root access. Android users can use the app to recover lost or deleted Android documents, photographs, audio, video, text messages, and contacts from the SD card memory without having to root their devices.

Feature of Note:

Before you recover, check out the contact, photo, and document details, among other things.

Recover and export lost contacts to your PC in, HTML, and other formats.

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