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Saturday, April 23, 2022

Top 10 real time bus tracking system provider in india

 Top 10 real time bus tracking system provider in india


The safety of students is  the main concern of school management. That is the reason why most of the schools are now equipped with modern technology to  the utmost safety for student inside the campus.  that schools prefer school bus tracking companies to get equipped with enhanced tracking platforms.

Advanced apps for kids  GPS tracker devices and options for real-time tracking of school are the highlighted benefits of using such platforms. School management can easily track the exact position    routes they take and even fuel consumption.

Here are a few among the best school bus  and tracking   for you to choose from.

1 TrackSchoolBus

This is  best school  tracking companies offering distinctly tailored software, hardware-agnostic solution, unique value-adding features and exclusive apps  teachers  fleet manager, driver console and school transportation manager. Their solution come  with provision to  the software depending on varying requirement and preference 


 offer  innovative cloud-based fleet management software for effective school bus tracking. High performance and quick analysis are of  advantages.addition, to the complete safety of transportation, they assure improved fleet productivity and eliminate overtime and reduce  cost and maintenance.


3. Tata Tele Business Services

This is one of best school  tracking companies  the team can transform fleet of school buses to Smart Buses to assure safe and efficient management. The technology provide  alerts for boarding, bus attendance and wrong bus boarding. The key highlights include end end service, deployment and effective monitoring.


The bus tracking services from this Singapore based company gives you complete control of the fleet oschool buses and lets you monitor and track precise location round the clock.

Other key features include:

•        Real-time student 

•        Student identification using 

•        Quick notification of accidents  


This is a renowned school bus tracking company  won  Expert’s choice award in 2019. Their tracking solution is easy to install and useful . It can be downloaded   online. Their platform not only the safety of kids but and  also enhances driver skills and save fuels.


The advanced vehicle tracking technology from  is an all in  solution for in-bus attendance system and school bus tracking. The key feature include live tracking , speeding alerts, pick/drop and customization options to suit your preferences. Parents can make use and  their Pigeon Plus Notify   easily track their kid’s location.


The effective vehicle tracking system fro this India based company plan and coordinate smartly with school transport managers to assure the safety of students  through school buses. Different application are available for school and parents to get notified about the status. changes, unnecessary stoppage and  speeding can be easily monitored.

8.  Elements  


This is a leading GPS tracking company  Dubai which offer comprehensive school bus tracking service. They are renowned for providing most accurate service   cost-effective rates. The efficient team here lets you optimize the operation   real-time intelligence assure well-managed student transportation.

9. Technology 

This based school bus tracking company offer new generation fleet and asset management solution. With high-resolution digital video recording   school management and parents can get an idea of what is happening inside and around the bus. This video synchronized with data helps you to easily keep track of bullying, student discipline problems , and driver safety issues.

10. Blue Floras

This Dubai based school bus tracking service offers real-time students  and bus tracking using.  system comes with live bus tracking and touch-less check-in out options.  appreciable benefit include real-time data, actionable  route  and better flexibility for drivers with map view and route details.


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