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Wednesday, July 27, 2022

BSNL BBNL Merger 2022: Cabinet approves BSNL revival plan, approves BSNL-BBNL merger

Union Cabinet approves BSNL- BBNL junction; Revival package blazoned 


On Wednesday( June 27), the Union Cabinet eventually approved the junction between Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited( BSNL) and Bharat Broadband Network Limited( BBNL) at a press meeting after months of pending proffers. BSNL will act as a sect under the government and will absorb both the means and workers of BBNL thereby fortifying both the fibre optical network and pool. 

Union Cabinet allows BSNL and BBNL junction 


According to an Economics Times report, the junction will allow BSNL to extend its fibre optical network to a great extent. BSNL formerly has6.83 lakh kilometres of optic fibre laid out while BBNL has a network of5.67 lakh kilometres spread across1.85 lakh vill panchayats thanks to backing from the Universal Obligation Fund( USOF). Once the junction goes through, the total effective fibre optical network would be12.5 lakh kilometres. 


piecemeal from the network, BSNL will also absorb the pool at the BBNL which is lower than 200 as per PK Purwar of BSNL. The government laid over the junction between BBNL and MTNL, still, it formerly had plans for the junction between BSNL and BBNL. Now that the offer has gone through, the junction can be initiated with the state- possessed telecom driver and BBNL. 

Going forward, Union Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw blazoned a reanimation package for BSNL worth INR crore and will be used across three portions. The package will be used across perfecting the quality of the services at BSNL. piecemeal from that, a alternate portion of the allocated reanimation package will towards stabilizing the balance distance at BSNL. The third portion will be used to fortify the BSNL optic fibre network ahead. 

Moving further, the government has decided to mark INR,000 crore worth of statutory pretenses at BSNL as equity. Then, BSNL will act under the government which owns all the means as well.

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