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Monday, July 25, 2022

Know the disadvantages of using skin piercing strips

Side Goods of piercing strips for your skin – Know the disadvantages of using skin piercing strips. 


During stormy season we face numerous skin related problems. occasionally acne and occasionally acne are mixed. No matter how numerous normal skin care routines we follow, the skin remains unctuous. unctuous skin leads to accumulation of dirt in the skin which can lead to papules. still, there's no season for papules to appear. However, it can lead to papules, If your skin isn't clear. 


Papules or blackheads appearing on the skin is a common thing but how you get relieve of it's commodity to consider. So do you use a severance strip to remove papules? If yes also they're responsible for your acne flights. 


What are severance strips? 

An tenacious strip containing colorful constituents that adheres to the top subcaste of your skin and peels off when removed. These strips help in removing dead skin cells, oil painting, dirt and dust from the skin. By doing this, it removes papules for a short period of time. 


Severance strips or nose strips are an easy way to remove papules and are veritably effective. But it can also have numerous side goods, which can lead to numerous skin problems. 

So let’s know how using severance strips is dangerous for your skin. 

1. Severance strips contain chemicals and artificial constituents. 

It contains constituents that may irritate the skin. Piercing strips also generally contain parabens, which are dangerous to the skin. Polyquaternium- 37, Silica, Water, Glycerin, Polysilicon- 13, cut- 12 Dimethicone, Titanium Dioxide, Hamamelis Virginiana( witch Hazel) Extract, Butylene Glycol, Stearyl Glycyrrhetinate. 

The first component, polyquaternium- 37, is a hairspray- suchlike substance that sticks to your pores to remove buildup. But it also unclogs the pores, performing in indeed further buildup and bigger papules! Piercing strips also generally contain parabens, which are dangerous to the skin. 


2. Damage to more sensitive, thin skin 


It's dangerous thus, it's recommended to use the nasal strip only formerly a week. Overuse of nasal spray can really recompense your skin. Not only this, it can also aggravate the skin and make it red. 

still, it can beget flights and vexation, If you have an exorbitantly sensitive bone

Some people witness nosebleeds due to piercing strips. This is because the first subcaste of skin can be damaged when you pull the severance strip. Worst of all, it can also beget wrinkles on your skin. 

3. These are temporary remedies as they don't help papules 

Papules form when oil painting, dead skin and dirt naturally accumulate in pores. Nasal hearties only get relieve of the top black subcaste, but the rest of the bump still stays in the severance, so you ’re not actually drawing the severance. In fact, the nose strip remembers all the dirt and oil painting hidden in the pores. So you have to repeat this operation again and again. 


So what can you do to get relieve of papules? 

Rather of using a severance strip, you can slip your skin to remove papules. With the help of coffee and sugar, you can wash the skin well. It also has no side goods. But stay down from severance strips.

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